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(General Topics)
(General Topics)
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==== [[NetApp C-Mode|Cluster-Mode]] ====
==== [[NetApp cDOT|cDOT]] ====
<subpages page="NetApp cDOT" />
<subpages page="NetApp cDOT" />

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Welcome to my own Wiki. You could find interesting stuff about NetApp and VMware, but also general storage and virtualisation topics.

1 IT-Topics

1.1 VMware vSphere

1.2 NetApp

1.2.1 General Topics

1.2.2 cDOT

1.2.3 7-Mode

1.3 Linux

1.4 Storage_Common

2 About me

My name is Alexander Krogloth, born 1987 in Nuernberg (Germany). I work as storage- and virtualisation-administrator at noris network AG in Nuernberg.

I'm certified in the following technologies:

* ITIL v2 (IT Infrastructure Library Version 2)Lpic2.gif Ncda.jpg Vcp5.jpg VCA.jpg
* Linux LPIC-2 (Linux Professional Institute Certification 2)
* NetApp NCDA 7-Mode (NetApp Certified 7-Mode Data Management Administrator)
* NetApp NCDA cDOT (NetApp Certified Clustered Data Management Administrator)
* VMware VCP5-DCV (VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5)
* VMware VCA-WM (VMware Certified Associate - Workforce Mobility)
* VMware VCA-Cloud (VMware Certified Associate - Cloud)

More informations about me could be found on my Xing-Profil

You could contact me via E-Mail (alex@krogloth.de) or via IRC (IRCnet, Nickname 'aleex').