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1 Overview

I've written a couple of scripts for collecting data from NetApp Filers and store then via collectd in RRDtool files.

You can find these scripts in my GitHub-Account: aleex42

2 collectd.conf

To load the plugins, you need to add the following code to your collectd.conf:

LoadPlugin perl

<Plugin perl>
        IncludeDir "/opt/git/Collectd-Plugins-NetApp/"
        BaseName "Collectd::Plugins"
        LoadPlugin NetApp

3 netapp.ini

You need to add all NetApp Filer with its credentials, ONTAP-typ ('cDOT' or '7mode') and modules (see below) to the netapp.ini configfile.

A sample config could be:


4 types.db

You need some custom types for disk busy, volume latency and flash hit ratio. Just add these lines:

to your custom_types.db

netapp_disk_busy        disk_busy:COUNTER:0:U, base:COUNTER:0:U
netapp_vol_latency      read_latency:COUNTER:0:U, write_latency:COUNTER:0:U, read_ops:COUNTER:0:U, write_ops:COUNTER:0:U
netapp_flash_usage      user_read:COUNTER:0:U, user_read_ssd:COUNTER:0:U, user_write:COUNTER:0:U, user_write_ssd:COUNTER:0:U

and collectd.conf

TypesDB "/usr/share/collectd/types.db" "/etc/collectd/custom_types.db"

5 Current modules for NetApp Data ONTAP 7Mode